International sales made easy...

Sourcing, Manufacturing and Selling in Europe, Asia, Russia-CIS

Consummer goods can be exported and sold to Asia and Russia using the Bee-and-Cow eSales and eExport platforms. Get rid of the international sales hassle, register now for one of our bundles.

Large scale companies producing industrial products can also benefit from our integrated services for value chains. Visit CBSCS for more information.

eSales and eExport related Services...
an easy access to the Chinese and Russian markets

eSales Platform


Central market place to register your products, and start sales in Europe and Overseas

eExport services

(From 80 USD / month)

Translation, legal documents, Shipping management, a bundle to cover all exports issues

Multi Channels

(From 8.5% per transaction)

Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, Increase your sales by using the multichannels option

Traditionnal sales

(From 2500 USD per month)

In China and Russia, our local sales forces will promote your products and take care of sales

Market Awareness

(From 450 USD)

On demand market research in China and Russia. Product customization for the local market

Social promotion

(From 80 USD / month)

Interact with your clients : VK, FB, QQ, Weibo, Wechat, Baidu, Douban, Renren, Kaixin

Storage and Showroom

(From 500 USD per month)

Reduce shipping costs, reduce delivery time by storing the products in one of our 6 places in China/Russia/Asia

Office and Contact

(From 250 USD per month)

Become local, improve clients follow up by using a time share officer...

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