Building Sustainable Industrial Ecosystems

We participate in the development of sustainable global value chains in the industrial, bioenergy and agricultural space.


BioFuels, BioMaterials, Advanced Farming, Water treatment

Global Trade

Trade platforms to support emerging businesses

Building trust

Securing supply chains through an intensive cooperation with local communities and local authorities

Sustainable development

Wetland rehabilitation, Social and economic development, promotion of renewable energies

Eurasia Industries covers various areas of expertize through specialized companies
Since 1999 we deliver premium solutions and technologies to the most renowned industries.
World leader of PET processing equipment with the OLICORP IRS/PWR system.
Precursor in plastic saving technologies with injection compression and high pressure proportionnal blowing systems.
Our group of companies diversified its activities in 2010 to deploy innovative technologies in the Water management, vertical farming, biofuels and extractive industries space.

Subsidiaries and Partners :

Water managmement, vertical farming

Advanced materials

Extractive industries

Bioprocesses, smart monitoring

Production of bioKerosene (SAF)

Fuels and Energies Trade platform

Grains, Cereals and Proteins trade platform


Eurasia Industries supports and sponsors the FOURBIRDS IMPACT FUNDS' sustainable initiative by providing :
Technical assistance
Engineering and commissioning
Commercial opportunities